Top 10 Reasons to Buy a GEAR Premium® Sidekick

Lighter Holster

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick comes equipped with a patented lighter holster, ensuring you'll always have your lighter within reach when you need it. This convenient feature allows you to secure your lighter in the side of the Sidekick, preventing it from getting lost or misplaced during even the wildest smoking sessions.

7mm Thick

Crafted with durability in mind, the GEAR Premium® Sidekick features a sturdy 7mm thick glass construction. This thickness provides added strength and resistance to accidental bumps or knocks, ensuring that your Sidekick can withstand everyday use and last for a long time.

24K Gold Decals

Who doesn't love a little flair to their water pipe? We certainly do!

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick showcases meticulously applied 24K gold decals to enhance the overall aesthetic of the Sidekick and add a sophisticated touch to your smoking experience.

Built-In Ice Catcher

As much as we love to turn up the heat, sometimes it's nice to cool down. The built-in ice catcher for each of our Sidekick Water Pipes allows you to add a refreshing chill to your smoke by placing some ice cubes in the mouthpiece to cool the smoke as it passes.

Choose Your Shape

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick offers a variety of shape options to suit your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic beaker base, a dual-chambered heavy hitter, or a comfortable laid back design, the Sidekick allows you to pick the shape that best reflects your individual taste.

Choose Your Height

Looking for something small or shopping for big and tall?

The classic 7mm Thick Sidekick Beaker Base Water Pipes are available in 12", 15", and 18" to suit your preference. Best of all, the beaker base is designed so you can share your downstems and pull-outs across all three sizes. User friendly and catering to your smoking needs!

Choose Your Color

Personalize your smoke sesh with a wide range of Sidekick color options. Experience the shifting palette of color changing glass, or add a splash of color to your water pipe with vibrant shades like green and pink. Enjoy the freedom to choose and find the color that's right for you!

100% Borosilicate Glass

Crafted from high-quality 100% borosilicate glass, the GEAR Premium® Sidekick offers excellent durability and heat resistance. This type of glass is renowned for its exceptional strength and ability to withstand high temperatures, ensuring a safe and enjoyable smoking experience.

Premium Accessories

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick includes a pull-out and a downstem with purchase, but you can also mix and match different accessories to customize your smoking style. The GEAR Premium® Ash Catcher prevents ash from entering your water pipe and adds an additional layer of water filtration. You can also shop different bowl styles such as the XL Sugar Barrel Pull-Out or the classic bowl from our original Sidekick collection, the 14mm Thumper Cone Pull-Out.

All The Goodies

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick comes loaded with extra goodies including a GEAR Premium® BIC® Lighter, a keychain, and stickers. Limited edition collectibles can also include extra swag, so keep an eye out for what's included with each Sidekick!

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